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Debunking BSG FIRESIGN Leak? | I HAVE MY DOUBTS about… the (in-) Famous “Benenson ‘Salvage Program’ Report” that recommends “False Flag Alien Invasion to save Clinton Campaign”

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) KP put out the following pot raising doubts about the alleged BSG document regarding the fake alien invasion under the name FIRESIGN. We released an article about it earlier today, which can be found here.

We don't know whether the document is legitimate or not. The points KP raises about the discrepancies between the logo, address, and Trump-centric tone do imply that it could be false. If so, where did the document come from? 

Benenson Strategy Group Leak: Clinton Losing to Trump due to Wikileaks and Recommended Salvage Plan FIRESIGN -- A Faked Alien Invasion

by Jordan Sather, Guest Writer
October 22nd 2016

A PDF document was allegedly leaked by the hacktivists Anonymous, produced by Benenson Strategy Group entitled "Salvage Program." It is a seven page document detailing findings from a series of phone interviews completed between October 10th and 13th of this year. It begins by summarizing gathered data regarding the decline of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in comparison to Donald Trump’s growing support—mainly due to mainstream media distrust and the Wikileaks October surprise "data dumps." It then lists a series of strategies for salvaging Clinton's bid for the 2016 that are nothing short of treasonous.

Wikileaks Releases Part 15 Of The Podesta Files, Bringing Total To 26,095 Emails -- Excerpts Included

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Source - Zero Hedge

by Tyler Durden, October 22nd 2016

With just over 2 weeks to go until the election, today Wikileaks finally crossed the halfway point of its ongoing Podesta files dump when it unveiled Part 15, which included some 1,095 emails bringing the total to 26,095 total emails, or more than half of the 50,000 email set for release.

"The Illusory War Between the Heart and Mind ... " (Image)

ExoMars, Hail, Earthspots, Space Weather | S0 News Oct.22.2016 - Suspicious0bservers

Science Reveals the Vibrational Nature of the Sun | Tracking Waves from Sunspots Gives New Solar Insight

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The ancients have long said that vibration is a fundamental principle of the universe. Traditional physics cannot explain the mystery of why the Sun is hotter on the outside than it is on the inside because of the supposition that our stellar parent is a kind of internal combustion engine—using fusion and fission to burn up hydrogen and other lighter elements to produce energy and heat.

But Electric Universe theorists, along with many in the hidden fields of science operating under cover of government secrecy, suppose that the Sun is more akin to a sonoluminescent focal point. Like a hurricane, the Sun's corona—the hottest part of our star—is the most turbulent and energetic, thus producing a significant amount of heat and ejecta.

Resistance is Fertile: The Art of Having No Masters | Self-Mastery, Sovereignty, and Enlightened Anarchy

Source - Waking Times

by Gary ‘Z’ McGee, October 17th 2016

“You don’t become completely free by just avoiding being a slave; you also need to avoid becoming a master.” ~Naseem Nicholas Taleb
In the midst of a hyper-violent culture blinded by the statist agenda of control, militarized cops brainwashed by the statist notion of law and order, and a bloated military with the monopoly on power through tyranny, it’s difficult for the would-be-resister to live with any confidence that their freedom will not be compromised by the violent thugs in power or by the indoctrinated statists that represent the majority.

More Disclosure in Television Shows -- Futurama and X-Files (Cobra Juxtapositions)

Source - Truth Earth

by Johnathan Carty, August 26th 2016

What would be the best way to convey a secret or idea to the mass population in our current paradigm without freaking them out after sharing it?

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